Our Purpose
What's More
    Important in life
  than money To You?
That may not be a question you'd expect to hear from a financial professional, but to Jim Hollon, it's the most important question to ask when Planning and Protecting your family's financial future.

At Golden Circle Financial Group, we believe God gives hope and a sense of purpose to everyone He creates and empowers them to realize their most important dreams. We believe personal and material success comes to those who seek and respond to Truth, take responsibility for themselves and their families, share their lives and their blessings, and keep the promises
they make.

Integrity, Personal Service, & Trust

Golden Circle emphasizes protecting your wealth while at the same time creating a predictable lifetime stream of income with a beneficiary interest. We will also help you establish a contingency fund for life's unexpected emergencies.

Just as importantly, our focus is on our clients' entire lives - their individual interests and hobbies, their marriages, their children, and their grandchildren. It's all part of the principle that's made the business so successful: Integrity, combined with Personal Service, leads to Trust.

Golden Circle has been built on the foundational principle of "sharing our lives ... keeping our promises" and believing that "it's never wrong to do what's right." You will find that the way we do business is Refreshingly Different - and that difference really does make all the difference in the world.

You can rest assured that by joining the client family at Golden Circle Financial Group, you could experience what so many others have ... TRUST in their Plan, Personalized SERVICE and Company Wide INTEGRITY! Give Jim and his Team a call or send them an e-mail right now to open the door to the next stage of your Life Journey.
Sharing Truth in a
    Simple way that Empowers
  and sets people Free

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