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The Trusted Advisor Team at Golden Circle unites some very special individuals with the credentials, experience and energy to help you open the door to the next stage of your Life Journey.

JIM HOLLON has been a financial professional since 1986, following 12 years as the owner of a large, very successful retail business in Lubbock, Texas. His interest in business and finance has been lifelong, leading him to earn both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Administration (BBA, MBA) from Baylor University, with majors in finance, management and economics. He is a former board member of the Baylor Business School, and recipient of the school's 'Outstanding Graduate of the Decade' Award of Merit. Jim is also a former Trustee and friend of Wayland Baptist University.

Jim is founder and president of Golden Circle Financial Group, a company which mirrors his belief that spiritual principles are fully compatible with the world of business. From the company's offices in Lubbock, Texas, Jim and his staff work with clients in a multi-state area - making presentations and consulting with individuals and business people. He and his wife Donna enjoy their family - two sons, one serves overseas and the other in private banking and mergers and acquisitions. They also devote time to helping others through community and individual outreach, and are very active in their church.

The cornerstone of Jim's work in the financial services field is his belief that accumulating wealth is a means of freeing people to pursue their goals and fulfill their life purpose. He enjoys developing personal relationships, and is known for his long-term approach to attracting clients and helping them "Put their money where their heart is."

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